Carl R. Streams Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Standing Rules
approved June 24, 2022
Standing rules are motions of a permanent nature used to supplement the bylaws. They are intended to cover situations without the formal procedure of amending the bylaws.

1. The Streams PTO bylaws shall be studied for amendments and renewed every three (3) years. The current bylaws shall next be reviewed in 2025.

2. The Standing Rules shall be reviewed and updated by the Executive Board on an annual basis or as needed, and shall be submitted to the general membership at the May meeting.

3. All Executive Board officers (with the exception of the Board Advisor) and committee chairpersons are required to have a child attending the Carl R. Streams Elementary School, be a PTO member in good standing, and be paid members of the Streams PTO for the current year.

4. Standing committees shall be any of those suggested by the PTO handbook or those deemed necessary by the vote of the Executive Board. The current list of standing committees is found in the “Streams PTO Standing Committees” document. This list is to be revised and/or amended on an annual basis and posted on the PTO webpage.

5. Reporting committees shall be classified as those committees doing their main work at the PTC (Parent Teacher Council) level. The current list of reporting committees is found in the “Streams PTO Reporting Committees” document. This list is to be revised and/or amended on an annual basis and posted on the PTO webpage.

6. The President shall provide each new committee chairperson the corresponding committee folder or electronic files before or at the first PTO meeting in September.

7. Each standing committee chairperson must submit a completed “Streams PTO Committee Report” along with the committee folder to the President within 30 days following the conclusion of the event.

8. All informational flyers and signup sheets that are to be distributed throughout the school shall be submitted to the PTO President and Principal for approval. After receiving approval for distribution, a copy of the flyer must be submitted to the Website Chairperson for posting on the Streams PTO website.

9. All copying of flyers and information are the responsibility of the Streams PTO.

10. A PTO representative must remain at any PTO sponsored function until completion of the function and all children have left the premises.

11. According to IRS rules, all funds spent by this PTO organization must fall into at least one of the following categories:
a.) Educational: supplementing the educational instruction of students, such as assemblies, field trips and guest speakers.
b.) Charitable: Providing this association’s children with services or programs that they otherwise may not receive. Charitable funds spending includes our Children 4 Children Event which will raise funds on behalf of another 501c3 as determined yearly by the Executive Board ,with input from the C4C Committee, Students, Teachers and Staff of Streams.
c.) Operational: Covering normal expenditures such as postage, printing, supplies, and membership recruitment. This category also covers the cost of training and education for the association’s officers, along with publications and kits that may enhance the training of officers.

12. Any new issue must be brought to the Executive Board at least 2 weeks prior to a PTO meeting.

13. Streams PTO meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 9:30 a.m. or 7:00 p.m.

14. All speakers, including presentation(s) of committee report(s), presented during PTO meetings are suggested to be a maximum of 3 minutes. Guest speakers invited to present to the PTO are suggested to be a maximum of 10 minutes.

15. There are no formal December and June PTO meetings of the general membership.

16. A turnover meeting/luncheon is organized by the incoming Secretary and outgoing Secretary as the final meeting of the year. Both outgoing and incoming officers and committee chairs and the school principal are included.

17. The Nominating Committee is formed by the Board Advisor, suggested to consist of a representative from each grade level, will meet in February or as soon as the PTC Council Nominating Committee has secured their slate of nominees, to compile a slate of officers. The slate of new officers shall be presented at the March PTO meeting. The vote by the general membership shall take place at the April PTO meeting. The installation of officers shall be held at the May meeting.

18. The Treasurer and President and the incoming officers shall meet to prepare a proposed budget to be presented to the general membership at the April PTO meeting. The proposed budget shall be voted on for approval at the May PTO meeting.

19. The President shall serve on the Upper St. Clair PTC Executive Committee. The President or an alternate must attend the monthly meetings.

20. A gift of books donated by the PTO to the Streams Library may be made in honor of a special occasion or in memory of a student, member of the Streams faculty or USC School District at the cost of no more than $25 per gift without the general membership approval. This purchase is made through the school librarian.

21. Checks written from the General Account require two (2) signatures of members of the Executive Board. The account shall have three (3) authorized signers: President, First Vice President, and Treasurer. The account shall have three (3) debit cards held by the President, First Vice President, and Treasurer.

22. The Executive Board, with a majority vote, may approve expenditures up to one hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence not to exceed $500 per year without the general membership approval for items not included in the budget or line items exceeding the budget.

23. All monies earned from an event must be counted and submitted to the Treasurer within 48 hours of the completion of the event. A detailed Deposit Form with the submitter’s signature must accompany the money. The Treasurer must advise the submitter of any discrepancies within 48 hours of the submission.

24. All expenses for reimbursement should be submitted within two (2) weeks following the conclusion of the event, and no later than June 20 for year-end events. Receipts must accompany expenses for reimbursement.

25. The Streams PTO books shall be closed as of June 30 and an audit of the financial records shall be performed by July 31 of the each year. The outgoing Treasurer shall turn over all books and records to the incoming Treasurer within ten (10) days of the completion of the audit.

26. Streams PTO shall acquire liability (general and officers) and bonding insurance coverage

27. Streams PTO is exempt from PA sales tax. It is the responsibility of committee chairs to obtain a PA sales tax exemption form from the Treasurer prior to making any purchases.

28. The First Vice President of the Streams PTO will serve a one (1) year term, followed by a one (1) year term as President of the Streams PTO and then a one (1) year term as Board Advisor to the Streams PTO. Terms are to be served consecutively.

29. Streams PTO shall host the PTC meeting once a year, coordinated with school activities, the school principal, and the PTC Executive Board.
These Standing Rules shall continue in force until temporarily suspended, amended or rescinded by the Executive Board. They should be revised and updated at least once a year. The Standing Rules may be adopted without previous notice by a majority vote at the Executive Board meeting. No standing rule is in order that conflicts with the bylaws of this unit.