Welcome to the Committees Page!

Please take a moment to scroll through the committees run by the Streams PTO, and volunteer for anything you are interested in by clicking the button for sign up.

The Room Parents, Welcome, & Stravaganza Committees are listed first (because their planning starts the earliest) and the other committees appear in alphabetical order.

You may sign up BEFORE completing your clearances or membership! Not all committees need clearances.

The 2022-2023 Committees details and dates are being worked out now. Check back soon!

Please browse the list below for committees from last year. Updated information and time will be released soon.

Stravaganza Committees

Event Date: TBD

Description:  Stravaganza is our biggest fundraiser of the year and it approaches quickly after the start of school.  We need your help!  If you are interested in helping organize this event please check out the coordinators we need.  Otherwise, please keep an eye out for info coming home and plan on attending!

Welcome Committee

Event Dates: TBD

Description:  Provide a breakfast for new families (usually one morning before the first week of school).

Coordinate food needs, provide set-up and clean up.

We also would like to have 1 family per grade to be willing to answer questions / welcome families that join mid-year.

After School Programs Committee

Event Date: Ongoing all year

Description: This committee works with outside companies to schedule the classes. Groups are divided by grade. Materials and lesson plans are provided by the outside company. This is offered to various grades.

Arts in USC Committee

Event Date: Spring, 2023

Description: Arts in USC is a USC Parent Teacher Council (USC PTCouncil) sponsored program that promotes the arts. This is a competition with winners at the school and school district level. All students who enter will have their work displayed at Streams and within the district. This committee will promote the contest, coordinate entries and work with the PTC on this project.

Bingo Night Committee

Event Date:  TBD

Description: Bingo Night is a family event held on a Friday night in February at the USC High School. This committee will promote the event, help organize volunteers, order food and do set up & clean up.

Birthday Book Club Committee

Event Date: Ongoing all year

Description: Parents can purchase a book to donate to the Streams library in honor of their child’s birthday. A nameplate honoring your child will be placed in the book. This committee organizes the collection and distribution of books donated to the library in honor of birthdays.

Blue Moon Committee

Event Date: Ongoing all year

Description: This committee will solicit and organize the volunteers who have submitted forms for volunteering “once in a blue moon”. You will be contacted by other Committee Chairs if a volunteer shortage occurs and you will send out requests to your list to find volunteers as needed.

Book Fair & Ice Cream Social Committees

Event Date:  October 4, 2022 ~ 5-8PM

Description: Scholastic Book Fair held in the spring where students and parents have the opportunity to purchase books and other items such as craft kits, posters, computer software, etc. This is our second largest fundraiser of the year. In addition to daytime shopping hours, the Book Fair is also open one evening in conjunction with an Ice Cream Social.

This committee will work with Scholastic to organize, promote and execute the event.

Parts of this committee will also plan and coordinate an ice cream social in conjunction with the book fair in March. This is usually a fundraiser for a PTC chosen organization.

Book Swap Committee

Event Date: TBD

Description:  This committee organizes the book exchange during the week of Snuggle Up and Read. Students bring in gently used books for “new” books of their choice.

Bowling Party Committee

Event Date: TBD

Description:  Students meet at a local bowling alley to bowl a few frames! Usually held on a teacher in-service day in February when the students have a day off.

This committee will promote the event and collect orders, as well as coordinate logistics with the bowling alley.

Children for Children Charity Event Committee

Event Date:  TBD

Description:  This committee is founded on the premise of teaching our children how to meaningfully contribute to our community.  This is a NEW PTO Committee.  The event selects a charity every year and then the students and teachers drive the fundraising efforts. Past charities supported are Horses with Hope, NAMI, Beverly's Birthdays, CC Champions and Best Buddies and SHIM.  In 2019 we raised over $9,000 for SHIM.

Clerical Support Volunteers

Event Date:  As needed throughout the year with initial meeting August 24, 2021

Description: Streams Teachers and Staff need a few happy helpers! Volunteers are asked to complete tasks designated by teachers and staff at a designated time during the school day. Guidance and instructions will be given as needed. Volunteers should call ahead to verify that help is needed for that day. You are not required to stay for a full 2 hours!

Creative Computing Coordinator

Event Dates: March, 2023

Description: The Creative Computing Chair will be responsible for running our Creative Computing Club in March of 2022. Specifically, the chair will make/distribute fliers and handle registration/communication for the club. The chair will also attend a 1-hour coaches training provided by the PTC. The PTC will assist by providing administrative support and at least two qualified high school volunteers to act as assistant coaches. Finally, the chair will attend and help coach each club session. No technical experience is required to coach this club, just the desire to witness the joy of learning.

FYI-The Creative Computing Club is a 4-week, after-school club for 4th grade students that introduce the joys of computer science by learning how to program online with Scratch. The concepts explored within this club promote 21st century skills like computational analysis, complex problem solving and provides a fun introduction to basic computer science concepts (i.e. algorithms, persistence, events, parallelism, and conditionals). The club meets once a week for an hour after school in the school’s computer lab, and has a maximum of 20 students.

Field Day Committee

Event Date:  TBD

Description:  This committee organizes the games and volunteers for Field Day.

Fourth Grade Graduation Committee & Baseball Outing

Event Date: Throughout the year
National Anthem Arrangements must be made in September.  Most other planning activities will take place in the spring.

Description: This committee plans a special end of year pool party for the graduating 4th graders at USCHS, as well as organizes the Graduation T-shirts and 4th Grade Memory Book and 4th Grade opportunity to sing National Anthem at baseball game. Planning for National Anthem should be done in September, and most other activities ramp up in Spring.

Garden Club Committee

Event Date: Ongoing all year

Description:  This committee plans and coordinates outdoor projects with the principal, and then promotes participation to the students and parents.

Grade Level Night Committee

Event Dates:

  • Kindergarten: TBD
  • First Grade: TBD
  • Second Grade: TBD
  • Third Grade: TBD
  • Fourth Grade: TBD

Description:  This committee plans an evening social event that includes entertainment. Contact information for entertainment is provided.

Historian Committee

Event Date: Ongoing all year

Description:  We are looking for someone to take on the scrapbooking job. This committee would attend and document PTO events, then gather photographs to organize in a 2021-2022 Memory Book that will be kept for recors at aschool.

Holiday Shop Committee

Event Date:  December 2 & 3, 2021

Description:  Plan and set up a gift shop for students to purchase holiday gifts for their families.

Hospitality Committee

Event Date:  Each PTO Meeting (usually second Tuesday of every month) at 9:30 am in the Streams LGI

  • Schedule will be released soon.

Description:  This committee provides “goodies” and beverages at the PTO meetings, held the second Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. There is also a EVENING meeting on 9/8 @ 7 pm.

Budget is provided by PTO.

Open Mic Committee

Event Dates:  

  • Kindergarten: TBD
  • First Grade: TBD
  • Second Grade: TBD
  • Third Grade: TBD
  • Fourth Grade: TBD

Description:  This committee organizes informal gatherings, based on each grade, at someone’s home to include Streams principal, staff member and parents. The event is usually hosted at the Chairperson’s house. This is a great time to meet the teachers, hear about the curriculum and get to know other parents.

Outreach Committee

Event Dates:  Ongoing all year

Description: This is a very important part of Streams school life. The Outreach committee provides opportunities for students and families to give to others. Activities have included various drives and change collections, as well as collections at Grade Level Nights. The Committee is open to suggestions for new activities that benefit specific organizations.  Historic programs have been the Halloween Candy Collection for Red Door in November and the Bandaid Drive in Spring for Childrens Hospital.

Performing Arts Committee

Event Date:  ongoing

Description:  This committee coordinates with the Strings/Choral/Band Instructors to organize parent volunteers for concerts and practices as needed.

PTO Website Maintenance Chair

Event Dates: Varies/As Needed

Description: This person will assist the PTO by making edits to the website as needed throughout the year. This will include things like upcoming events, news, etc. Volunteer will be trained on how to update the site, and this is something that can be done from your own computer at your convenience.


Sharing & Caring Committee

Event Date:  Ongoing, as needed

Description:   In order to foster a sense of sharing and caring within the Streams community, committee members will act, when requested, to offer assistance to Streams families experiencing a time of crisis, hardship or need. Volunteer commitment would be based on community need.

Shopper Rewards/Box Top/KidStuff Committee

Event Date:  Most of the work will be done in early fall.  Ongoing regular reminders about active fundraisers

Description:    Research and recommend rewards programs that can provide benefits to Streams School. For example, Amazon Smile, Spirit Nights, Giant Eagle’s “Apple for Students”, Box Tops, etc. Once approved by the Board, you will promote the reward programs to the Streams Families for the opportunity to register for rewards.

Snuggle Up & Read Committee

Event Date:  TBD

Description:  This committee organizes the "Snuggle Up & Read" event usually held in November. You will work with volunteers to find “readers” who will tie in their “specialty” with books. Also, you will coordinate sign ups, schedule families for different reading rooms and serve a snack in the Nutrition Center.

Spiritwear Sale Committee

Event Date:  Fall & Spring

Description:  The PTO needs parents to coordinate the design sale and distribution of Spiritwear items.  This is a fundraiser for the PTO.

Staff Appreciation Committee

Event Dates: Typically three events a year; TBD

Description: Provide the staff with lunches in January and May. Coordinators decide what to do, and solicit help from parents and/or restaurants to provide food, help set-up, serve and clean up. Usually work with classrooms to get student involvement during “Teacher Appreciation Week” in May. Also, recognize bus drivers during Bus Safety Week (in October). Chairs are also responsible for collecting money from the fourth graders to give to the “Specials” teachers (art, music, etc.) as an end of year gift.

STAR Night Hospitality Committee

Event Dates: May 2023

Description:  Plan and set up refreshments in the Nutrition Center during STAR night.

Talent Show Committee

Event Dates: January 2024

Description: This major event is held every other year and includes a variety of music, dance, magic, gymnastics, and other performances for our students and by our students. This requires a lot of volunteer help! Please get involved if you can. The kids LOVE the Talent Show!